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Everything You Need to Know About Everything DiSC®

Recently, we began recommending our clients participate in the Everything DiSC® suite of training and development tools. Everything DiSC offers various assessments to improve workplace effectiveness by helping individuals understand themselves and those around them. These tools also help leaders improve collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution.

Why Everything DiSC®?

The idea behind using a tool like Everything DiSC is to improve the workplace by ensuring engagement and collaboration among the team, leading to meaningful culture improvement.

Why We Love It.

These tools help individual employees understand themselves and their colleagues through multiple assessments tailored to specific groups, such as entire teams, business leaders, or managers. There are assessments on specific topics, like sales, management and productive conflict, assist employees in identifying overarching motivations and priorities of each style.

There is a robust online platform called Catalyst that allows users to dig a little deeper into their own style as well as view their colleagues and gain valuable tips on how to better communicate and collaborate with them.

Everything DiSC® Step-by-Step

Your journey with DiSC begins with assessments. We utilize the Everything DiSC Workplace® often, as its comprehensive assessment gives each team member their own personal preferences and tendencies.

The next step is to communicate individual results with the greater team. The Catalyst Platform gives teams the ability to compare their DiSC style with their colleagues. Exploration and training within this platform helps teams understand how their own DiSC style impacts workplace relationships and productivity.

As an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, our consultants will provide customized training for the entire team or company to help them understand the assessment’s findings and unify the team’s communications, culture, and collaboration structures.

Bottom Line

Learning about how your team operates as individuals will enable a cohesive team culture. Utilizing an assessment tool like Everything DISC® helps teams work toward a more effective environment.


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