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Intentional Infrastructure

As your business has grown and evolved, the systems and processes that once kept operations on track may no longer serve you.  We help you assess, identify and embed the necessary management and operational infrastructure that will support the long-term goals of your business.

Common Assessment Areas

Financial Stability (e.g., evaluating expenses, renegotiating contracts, paying down debt, establishing cash reserves, etc.)

Strategic Planning (e.g., is there a plan, shared goals across the organizations, contingencies for downtimes, etc.)

Efficiencies (e.g., are meeting structures effective, can technology improve efficiencies, etc.)



The economy, new competitors, technologies – they can all disrupt profits, even for companies that once experienced rapid growth. We work with your team to develop sales and marketing strategies and structures that will help you achieve that next level of growth. 

Common Assessment Areas

Target Clientele (e.g., industry trends, new competitors, relationship management, etc.)

Products & Services (e.g., product and service profitability analysis, pricing, etc.)

Sales & Marketing (e.g., lead generation activities, sales training, etc.)



Ineffective leadership can lead to low morale, employee turnover and poor performance. Our consultants work with both teams and individuals to establish clear lines of accountability, foster improved communication and trust, and develop leadership skills to propel your company to the next level.

Common Assessment Areas

Trust & Communication (e.g., are systems in place that enhance trust, do managers have awareness about communication styles, etc.)

Employees (e.g., ability to attract and retain, low vs high performers, job market, workplace conflict, etc.)

Critical Thinking (e.g., ability of management team to look critically at all areas of the business, capacity gaps, market growth, etc.)


We’ve guided hundreds of companies to new levels of success using an approach that we’ve continuously fine-tuned over more than 25 years in business. We call it the Scalable Growth Model. Through extensive research, relentless learning and hands-on experience, we’ve discovered that the difference between organizations that thrive and those that languish usually boils down to one or more of three core factors: the quality of their infrastructure, their leadership and their growth strategies.

Our aim is to become a trusted partner to our clients, creating customized engagements that will help them re-energize their teams and achieve sustainable growth.

Types of Engagements

Comprehensive Breakthrough Consulting
Discovery Consulting
Strategy Implementation 
Executive Coaching & Onboarding
Strategic Planning

Assessment Tools


Collaboration, Inc. founded in
Atlanta, GA
Education & Training Emphasis (Team Building, Communication, Management Training)


WorkTraits Communication Assessment Deployed


5-year Plan and Strategy Methodology Introduced

Los Angeles office opened

Emphasis on fast growth clients (ICP)


Collaboration LLC is formed in San Luis Obispo, CA

Focus on Small Business Consulting


New and streamlined frameworks introduced (Technology & Efficiencies, DISC, Strategic Planning)


Kauffman Certification Completed

Fast Trac Education Programs Introduced (New Venture, Growth Venture, Listening to Your Business)

395 people have now completed programs

Askier Business Development Framework (Mentor, E-Myth Trained)

Focus on Small Business Consulting


Collaborative Leader Assessment (CLA) Launched


San Francisco office opened


Central Coast refocus

Education offerings streamlined

Exit Strategies and Success Planning Introduced


As your business has grown and evolved, the systems and processes that once kept operations on track may no longer serve you.  Maybe you lack a clear long-term vision or cohesive growth strategy for the company. Perhaps you've outgrown software systems, office space or the ability to effectively manage the organization. Or possibly you (and your team) are feeling burnt out. 

Pain Points
  • Lack of/Outdated Mission & Vision

  • Insufficient Governance Policies

  • Blurred Lines of Accountability

  • Absense of Decision-Making Structures

  • Disparate IT Systems

  • Inadequate Financial Forecasting

  • Compensation Inconsistent


Growth is not a linear process. Just when you thought you had the right people and processes in place, things change. Employees leave, technologies become more complex, and the economy throws you a curve ball. One of the most common challenges businesses face is figuring out how to get achieve their next level of growth. 

Pain Points
  • Absence of Long-Term Planning

  • Insufficient Governance Policies

  • Lack of Cash Flow

  • Departments Not in Strategic Alignment

  • Owner Focused on Product/Services Instead of Sales

  • Knowledge/Position Gaps


When your company first started out, perhaps the lines of authority and responsibility were clear. Over time, however, business partners, family members, managers and employees brought their own ideas to the table and as a result, there's now confusion over roles and responsibilities, or even worse, a deteriorating organizational culture and low levels of trust.  

Pain Points
  • Challenging Family/Partnership Dynamics

  • No Succession Planning

  • Management Burnout

  • Lack of Trust Among Colleagues

  • Owner Involved in  Daily Operations

  • Gaps in Skills and Capacities

  • Low Morale/Cultural 

Common Business Challenges







Abstract Structure

 Expected Deliverables

Every company's business challenges are unique, so we work with you to create a consulting engagement that will address your specific needs. These are some of the key deliverabes we frequently develop for our clients.  

Executive KPI Dashboard


DiSC Assessment of Workplace Trust


Target Market



A Long-Term

Growth Plan


Mission &

Core Values


Financial Planning Framework


An Updated Organizational Chart


Family Succession Plans


Partner/Owner Compensation Plans


Executive Development Plans


Defined Roles & Accountability


Product Profitability Analysis


Sales Analysis & Training




The Process

Each engagement is distinct, so timelines will vary from 1 month to one year. During that time we meet regularly with owners, managers and/or the full team to gain a understanding of the business, develop the management and sales infrastructure, and work with individual leaders. 
Unlike most consulting firms, Collaboration continues to work with you to embed the new structures. Afterwards, we are available for specific needs, such as strategic planning sessions,  DiSC and Collaborative Leadership assessments, and other special projects. 

Phase I
Kickoff & Inverviews


Phases 2-4*
Develop Elements
of SGM


Phase 5:
Implementation & Embedding Habits


Ongoing Support & Custom Engagements

Everything DiSC


Differences in communication and behavioral styles are one of the top drivers of workplace culture. DiSC assessments help individuals and teams understand the overarching motivations and priorities of themselves and those around them. Collaboration then provides strategies for implementing that increased understanding and self-awareness to improve communication, conflict resolution and overall collaboration.

Student Paper Writing

Ask About Our Assessment

Collaborative Leadership 

Research has confirmed that trust (or lack thereof) is one of the most significant obstacles to workplace satisfaction and productivity. Lack of clear goals, absence of job descriptions, and an imbalance of work-life activities are among the factors contributing to low trust in the workplace. The Collaborative Leadership Assessment allows us to measure trust among employees, identify the issues contributing to their feelings, and gauge improvements over time once the issues have been addressed.