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Jennifer Porcher is a leader in executive coaching and team development, with a specialization in large companies with sizeable teams. Working as a business consultant for 20 years, Jennifer began her career in customer service training and aligning teams with the company’s values. Always focused on teams and ensuring the best training for them, Jennifer is able to enhance her clients’ organizational structure and ensure smooth communication and collaboration.

Previously, Jennifer worked as a Vice President with a digital marketing firm and as a Vice President with an international jewelry manufacturer; both positions gave her valuable digital and international experience.

A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a degree in international business, Jennifer has never stopped learning the most effective training techniques to use with her clients. She finds great value in analyzing behavior traits and linking an individual’s personal traits to better collaborate within their team.

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Jennifer Porcher

Jennifer Porcher


“I work with executive leadership teams to align the organization’s vision and conduct professional development. I excel in helping leaders realize their full potential and better manage their teams.”
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