Steffanie is certified in Everything DiSC® and teaches workshops on communication, team dynamics, leadership and conflict resolution. She loves supporting seasoned and emerging leaders as they gain new skills to mentor and lead their teams.

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Favorite Thought Leader(s)

John Maxwell. “His focus on servant leadership and value for people radically inspires me because he seems to truly understand that, at the end of the day, we all need others to thrive, both interpersonally and professionally. His beliefs about leadership influence me to lean into my own strengths while being unafraid to call on the strengths of those around me. He highlights that true leaders lead by serving others, not bossing people around, and it makes me inspired to embrace an attitude of service.”

Kaala Woods

Kaala Woods

Associate Consultant

“I always admire the courage of business owners who take a simple dream and turn it into a tangible reality. Being able to resource those leaders to help them refine their vision, lead their team well and learn how to create sustainable growth is such a rewarding position to be in.”