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Paden Hughes is focused on growth consulting and enabling companies to achieve eight figures. She works to set the vision with her clients and develop a strategic plan that maps out milestones and objectives to reach their growth potential. Certified in Everything DiSC®, Paden facilitates DiSC trainings for leadership teams.

Together with the growth achievement, Paden utilizes a ‘whole person’ approach. She seeks ways to support CEOs and help them evaluate their roles as a whole person, rather than just a leader or holder of the purse strings. She finds joy in helping leaders visualize their inevitable success as she supports them with what they’re struggling to see.

Paden worked to build her own business, Gymnazo, into a seven-figure company in the fitness industry. This experience has shaped her to better understand entrepreneurs and their roadblocks to success.

As a working mom with two kids under four and a business partner with her husband, Paden seeks every opportunity to make her heart happy; she spends two hours a day in nature to be alone and reflect, a practice that has guided her ability to expand and build the life she wants to live.

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Paden Hughes

Paden Hughes


“We’re so hard on ourselves, and having someone in your corner that reminds you of what you’ve done and the impact you have helps to focus entrepreneurs around their vision.”
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