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The           Every Business Leader Must Make for Lasting Success

Even the rosiest statistics show that most new businesses fail. In Me-To-We: The Shift Every Business Leader Must Make for Lasting Success, Michael Gunther describes how entrepreneurship, essential at the beginning of every business, can easily change into a corrosive force. He analyzes why some companies grow and prosper while others struggle and shows how entrepreneurs can evolve to make the crucial shift from "me" to "we" and become successful, collaborative leaders who motivate and inspire their employees. 

Gunther shares his own journey as the owner of a business consulting company and his experiences working with over 500 small businesses. He debunks the prevailing myths about entrepreneurship that can derail a company's growth, describes common roadblocks that stand in the way of success, and reveals the most important actions that entrepreneurs must take for their companies to flourish. Case studies demonstrate how good communication, collaboration, and accountability are key, but are often the biggest challenges business leaders face. 

This book is a must-read guide for leaders who want to grow start-ups into thriving, sustainable companies, and for owners of established businesses who want to grow even more. Gunther offers practical steps to change your mindset, improve your business practices, promote a productive, trusting work environment, and increase the odds of success. 

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"Michael teaches the value of being authentic and leading with your heart. His strategic motivation and empathy inspire accountability and the importance of working on the business instead of in the business. Michael’s methods encouraged us to understand that our role as leaders is really measured by what another individual or team can accomplish versus what we can achieve on our own.”

Brendan Morris, CEO & Risk Advisor and Kerry Morris, COO
Morris & Garritano
"Small business owners have a tendency to try and do everything themselves. We learned the hard way and toiled for years trying to write our own strategic plan to ensure growth and sustainability of our firm, it never worked or got us results we were after. We have collaborated with Michael numerous times which brought a whole new level of expertise and taught us how to develop an honest strategic and implementation plan that our whole team is on board with and immediately delivered results."
Erik Justesen, President & CEO
RRM Design Group
“As a family business, it can be challenging to effectively define roles and create organizational structure. Working with Michael allowed us to see the importance of investing our time and energy into that process, and he gave us the practical tools and encouragement needed to do it well. Every meeting with Michael left us feeling supported, cared for, and confident we have what we need to continually grow and improve our company. “
Ricardo Robles, President
Anita's Mexican Foods
Michael Gunther

Michael Gunther

Michael Gunther is a relentless learner with decades of experience steering C-suite leaders toward a more robust leadership style. Thousands of people have been motivated by Michael's spirited style and gone on to build profitable and sustainable organizations through impactful and authentic collaboration. Over the course of his career at his business consulting firm, Collaboration Business Consulting located in California, Michael has guided more than 500 businesses to achieve growth, trained thousands of leaders, and assisted nearly 300 businesses to get started. He asks his clients the tough questions to help them determine their roadblocks, then collaborates with implementing a solid plan to create profitable, sustainable businesses. Michael holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Loyola Marymount University and a Master's degree in Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. 

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