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Speaking Engagements

Is there an event or meeting at which you'd like Collaboration to present?



Our consulting experts would love to speak at your organizational event! We cover a variety of topics including:

I. Is Profitability Your Everest?

Unlocking sustainable profitability can often seem like a distant dream. Delve into three critical areas that leaders must grasp for a sustainable business.

Stepping out of your business can be a daunting challenge for owners. Discover essential strategies for crafting a seamless succession plan.

Leaders often feel lost when it comes to creating a high-performing team. Drawing on proven strategies, we discuss how to address Patrick Lencionis’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Businesses ill-equipped for change often encounter increased burnout, conflict, and stress, hindering their ability to achieve goals. Dive into proven methodologies that empower leaders to navigate change.     

II. Passing the Baton: Because Who Needs Smooth Transitions When You Can Wing It

IV. Do you Conquer Change or Does It Conquer You?

III. Leader's Playbook: The Key Behaviors of a Successful Team


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About the Speakers

Michael Gunther
Michael Gunther

Michael Gunther is the founder and senior consultant  at Collaboration Business Consulting. Michael is a relentless learner with decades of experience steering C-suite leaders toward a more robust leadership style. Michael’s spirited motivational style  has aided thousands of leaders to build profitable and sustainable organizations through impactful and authentic collaboration.

Erin Hoffman

Erin Hoffman

Erin Hoffman is a senior consultant at Collaboration  Business Consulting. Erin understands the trials and  successes of business owners, as she once owned    and operated her own consulting firm. She motivates leaders to true growth as they realize they don’t have  to wear all the hats to make their company thrive. Erin  aims to understand the personalities and team dynamics to identify gaps and strengths.


Kenzie Kitson

Kenzie Kitson is a consultant at Collaboration Business Consulting. With a background in higher education and business leadership, coupled with certifications in human resources and change management, Kenzie brings a unique blend of empathy, strategic insight, and practical solutions to  her clients. Her experience in guiding organizations  through challenges equips her to optimize human capital, fuel growth, and drive positive change within businesses.

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