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Speaking Engagements

Is there an event or meeting at which you'd like Collaboration to present?



Our consulting experts would love to speak at your organizational event! We cover a variety of topics including:
I. Will Your Business Thrive in a Recession?​​

Are you concerned about how your organization will fare in an economic downturn? This topic will outline the systematic shifts happening in the business world and give you new perspective on what you and your business need to change to prosper in our new reality. Learn how to assess trends and perform a Health Check on your company or organization to prepare for market uncertainty.

II. Are You Struggling to Achieve Breakthrough Performance?

Proactive business owners desire to create something larger than themselves, but many leaders continue to stumble implementing the necessary strategies that allow them and their business to prosper. Evaluate the three areas that business owners must be aware of, in order to achieve breakthrough performance for themselves and their team.

III. Succession Planning for Retirement and Beyond

​​No matter where you are in your business, a business owner needs to prepare a solid exit strategy. It is never too early to start planning; in fact, an exit plan is an essential part of your overall business strategy.

IV. Your Manager Is Going to Quit. Will Your Business Survive?

When experiencing a period of tremendous change, proactive succession planning is key to maintaining your business beyond survival mode. Whether you are looking to step down or add to your leadership team, there are several key elements to consider in your plan.


V. Me-to-We: The Shift Every Business Leader Must Make for Lasting Success

Based on Collaboration Founder Michael Gunther’s book, this engagement will change your perspective on what leadership means and why entrepreneurship, essential at the beginning of every business, can easily change into a corrosive force. Referencing Michael’s experience with over 500 small businesses, successes demonstrated how good communication, collaboration, and accountability are key, but are often the biggest challenges business leaders face.


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