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Our Clients

Our clients are leaders, influencers, CEOs and company executives from a variety of industries, including technology, specialty manufacturing, large scale construction, hospitality and agriculture. We’re proud to have helped them become re-energized and have newfound confidence in their ability to lead their teams. Explore their successes below and see our interviews with other industry leaders to learn how they’ve evolved.  


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Success Stories

JW Design

"There was a ton of work that needed to be done for me to successfully take over the company. Without collaboration, there is no way that I would be where I am today or the company would be doing as successful as it is today."

 -Derek Williams, Vice President and COO

All About Events

"My life is way different now that I've worked with Collaboration over the last seven years. I have a lot more freedom because I was able to build up the foundation not only of the company, but also the managers and employees around it."

– Steven Herring, President and Owner of All About Events

AM Sun Solar

"With Collaboration's help and the tools they provided, I have more time in my week to do more sales than I've ever done. Working with Collaboration changed my life in the sense that they gave me my life back."

– Glen Covert, Director of Sales at A.M. Sun Solar

T&S Structural

"Absolutely thrilled that we chose to work with Collaboration. The return on investment in working with them has been tenfold, and we developed a strategic plan that had us have a growth goal of 15% increase in revenue per year. Even with Covid we were able to achieve those growth goals."

 -Michelle McCovey-Good, CEO of T&S Structural

RRM Design Group

"Since putting our strategic plan into action, our company has almost tripled in size. Much of this is because we had focus around where we were trying to earn revenue, drive business, and attain new clients. I attribute a lot of that success to Collaboration's clarity of direction and the metrics they help establish." - Erik Justesen, CEO of RRM Design

Tolosa Winery

"Suddenly, our managers are feeling empowered to really take ownership of their financial position in the business. It was really a game changer. We're just really happy that we worked with Collaboration."

– June McIvor, President and CEO of Tolosa Winery


“There was so much more value that came in with [Collaboration] getting to know our team than I would have ever anticipated when we started off on our project together.” 

– Melissa James, President and CEO of REACH

Kramer Events

"I feel like we’re really in a position to knock it out of the park and take the company to the next level." 

- Beau Kramer, Co-owner of Kramer Events

Leo Leo Gelato

"I do have a business degree, but it really took hiring Collaboration and their consultants to get me to a place that I knew I never would have been able to do on my own ."

– Niccoló Lekai, Owner and Master Gelatier of Leo Leo

Anderson Burton Construction

"Through the managed growth process that we learned through Collaboration, we were able to grow our business from a $500,000/year company to a $13+ million/year company." 

- Joni Anderson, President of Anderson Burton Construction

Claiborne & Churchill Winery

“Working with Collaboration has changed my life because it’s made me even more proud of our employees and the way we run our business.” – Clay Thompson, CEO and Owner of Claiborne & Churchill Winery

Injectors Direct

"Collaboration helped us identify room for improvement, weak areas and where we could improve our whole operational process. It helped me realize how important it is to think of the big picture." - Andrew Grow, President of Injectors Direct


Learn from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs on the California Central Coast and beyond. Whether it's our Wine with an Entrepreneur Series or tips from our consultants and other executives, you can find them here!

Wine with an Entreprenuer: A Conversation with Rick Stollmeyer

Rick Stollmeyer, Co-founder and CEO of MINDBODY, discusses his company’s journey from start-up to earning more than $250 million in revenue. Watch as he discusses the importance of conscious leadership and his best practices for success.

Wine with an Entrepreneur: Juliana Sommer with Priority Architectural Graphics

Priority Architectural Graphics accelerated its growth by instilling essential processes and procedures to keep all teams united. Hear from company President Juliana Choy Sommer as she discusses why she attributes her company’s success to a stellar executive team.

Thrive in 2021:  Senior Consultant Erin Hoffman of Collaboration

Senior Consultant Erin Hoffman has two essential tips for thriving in 2021. 

Wine with an Entrepreneur: Shannon Larrabee with Central Coast Distributing

Central Coast Distributing leadership developed a succession plan that readied the company for a sale and successfully transitioned their employees to the new company. Hear from former owner Shannon Larrabee on the value of staying true to the family-owned company’s mission and values when contemplating a sale.

Wine with an Entrepreneur: Joni Anderson with Anderson Burton Construction

Anderson Burton Construction’s rise to a multi-million dollar company is rooted in a positive company culture and an understanding of when to take risks and when to play it safe. Watch a conversation with Anderson Burton Construction President Joni Anderson to hear her inspiring story of success.

Wine with an Entrepreneur : Rob Kitzman with Kitzman Culligan Water

Kitzman Culligan Water is a third-generation family-owned business that sought to implement a solid succession plan and leadership development process for its employees. Rob Kitzman, Kitzman Culligan Water President, talks about developing a strong organizational structure and what it is like to step out of the day-to-day.

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