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Tired of Workplace Miscommunications? DiSC can help.

There seems to be a collective understanding that communication is one of the most important factors in healthy romantic relationships. But have you ever thought about how the same is true in the workplace? Studies say that 86% of employees and executives cite a lack of effective communication as the main cause for workplace failures, poor productivity, conflict, and turnover.

That reality is regularly echoed in our work with business leaders, as well. We consistently find that regardless of how knowledgeable or skilled someone is in their specific industry or role, strategic communication is a crucial skill leaders must have to support ongoing growth.

Collaboration Business Con­sulting has seen firsthand how miscommunication can lead to missed opportunities, strained working relationships, and ultimately, hindered business success. Fortunately, we’ve also seen how adaptable communication skills can be when people are resourced with the right information. That’s where DiSC comes in.

DiSC is a practical, research-driven framework that helps people understand common behavioral patterns and preferences that lead to differences in how people communicate and interpret information every day. This framework uses assessments to create individual reports that offer valuable insights into our personal communication patterns and how they compare to others, and then Collaboration facilitates group trainings to provide education on how to apply that information. These insights not only improve self-awareness but also enhance awareness of others. By understanding our own communication style and preferences, as well as those of others, we can tailor information for the people we are interacting with and better interpret the intended message of those communicating with us – ultimately leading to significantly less misunderstandings and overall improved communication.

Bottom Line: As businesses grow and evolve, both the people and the systems supporting that growth must evolve too. Effective communication isn't just a nicety, it's a foundational component of facilitating that continual growth, and in turn, creating sustainable, profitable success.



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