Erin Hoffman understands the trials and successes of business owners — because she owned and operated her own consulting company. She relates to the loneliness business owners feel as they wear every hat available to try to make their company thrive. Her previous work in finance and a training/development company provided Erin with the specific background in training teams.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurial construction contractors, Erin can relate to blueprints scattered on the dining room table — which means she also deeply relates to the struggle of work/life balance. Erin earned a degree in psychology from the University of Wyoming, providing her the base needed to help leaders and teams to thrive.

Erin works hand-in-hand with business leaders, owners, CEOs, and partners to move their business forward. Utilizing the methodology of Collaboration’s Scalable Growth Model™, Erin works to understand the personalities and team dynamics to identify gaps and strengths.

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Favorite Thought Leader(s)

Stephen Covey. “There’s some good lessons from him about delegation and prioritization — both of which are common challenges we see with our clients.”

James Clear. “I really his focus on the small things you can do that make a larger shift over time. That resonates with me; there’s no magic bullet that you can use to change everything with your business. Small incremental changes are powerful.”

Erin Hoffman

Erin Hoffman

Senior Consultant

“Many companies come to us because they want to grow. We love being a part of this community and want to be a part of its growth.”