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Kaala's interest in human behavior started early, leading her to choose to major in psychology. During her undergraduate studies, she was eager to find a way to use her natural aptitude for structure and goal-setting in her career, ultimately steering her towards the intersection of psychology and business.

Now holding a B.A. in Psychology and an M.B.A. in strategic human resource management, Kaala brings a unique blend of insights into human behavior and strategic business acumen to Collaboration. She plays a vital role in working directly with clients as well as developing the processes, systems, and deliverables necessary to support client engagements.

Kaala is passionate about identifying and equipping leaders with the tools and communication skills they need to drive enduring change and finds it greatly meaningful to be a part of that process. She holds certifications in Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors®, further enhancing her ability to guide leaders towards improved team dynamics and organizational effectiveness.

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Consultant Corner

Kaala Wood

Kaala Wood

Associate Consultant

“I always admire the courage of business owners who take a simple dream and turn it into a tangible reality. Being able to resource those leaders to help them refine their vision, lead their team well and learn how to create sustainable growth is such a rewarding position to be in.”
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