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Kenzie has always dreamt of being a leader. When she was asked ‘what do want to be when you grow up’, she frequently mentioned ambitions to become a U.S. President or a CEO. In her youthful idealism, these roles symbolized the power to effect change on a global scale. However, as she advanced in her career, Kenzie discovered that one does not need a presidential title to be a leader. She realized that true leadership is about making a positive difference in the lives of those around you. While becoming a Consultant might not have been the original goal, it is exactly this role allows her to fulfill her lifelong dream of contributing to positive change on a daily basis.

As a consultant, Kenzie is passionate about helping businesses maintain resilience and adaptability in the face of change. She firmly believes that the true success of any organization hinges on the individuals within it and their drive to be an integral part of its growth. Kenzie's prior experience in guiding large corporate companies through change has equipped her with a specific skill set to assist leaders in optimizing human capital, thus fueling growth and facilitating positive change.

With a background in higher education, specifically in student development and mental health support, she possesses a remarkable ability to empathize and relate to others while also challenging them to embrace growth. When business owners seek assistance, they need someone who can not only relate to their experiences, but also provide solutions. Kenzie excels at connecting with leaders and their teams where they are, and then offering invaluable strategic direction for their path forward.

In addition to her relational skills, she also brings wealth of business knowledge to the table, holding an undergraduate degree in Business Leadership, a master's degree in Student Affairs (administration), and previous work experience in both human resources and consulting. Her time in these positions has sharpened her understanding of the complex challenges businesses encounter and given her the expertise to craft innovative solutions.

Finally, Kenzie hold a certification from the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM-CP) and is recognized as a Prosci Change Practitioner. These courses have deepened her grasp of human dynamics in the workplace and equipped her with valuable tools for managing people.

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Kenzie Kitson

Kenzie Kitson


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