Maggie Torres inspires and empowers her clients to find solutions and success to reach their full potential. As a strong community leader, Maggie works diligently to determine ways to impact the SLO business community. Maggie’s strength is in putting systems and tools in place to increase the productivity of clients and improve employee morale.

Maggie manages internal teams to ensure they are supported to successfully carry out client engagements. She leads the onboarding process with new clients to ensure that milestones and objectives are achieved. Additionally, Maggie leads Collaboration’s marketing efforts to promote consistency among all marketing channels.

Maggie is certified in Everything DiSC® and completed the Woman’s Leadership Program designed to assist mid-level managers learn how to better manage their teams. She is an Asana Ambassador, making her well-versed in the tool to manage tasks, projects, onboarding, and training.

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Favorite Thought Leader(s)

Stephen Covey. “His ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is a reminder about prioritizing understanding others before being understood — that is key in building a great team.”

Brene Brown. “She positions the thought of breaking trust in a way that makes you want to ensure that you don’t with your team.”

Simon Sinek. “His insights into leadership and team culture are so relevant today. His viewpoint on having a ‘why’ really resonates with the approach I try and take on a daily basis.”

Maggie Torres

Maggie Torres

Project Manager

“Collaboration is not just about the business, but how we and our clients can impact the community.”