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Committed to living Collaboration’s core values, Michael Gunther is a relentless learner with decades of experience steering C-suite leaders toward a more robust leadership style. Thousands of people in California and beyond have been motivated by Michael’s spirted motivational style and have therefore been able to build profitable and sustainable organizations through impactful and authentic collaboration.

Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit came at an early age; growing up in a family of 17, he had to be creative to find ways to earn money. In fact, he earned enough to put himself through private high school and college. After college, Michael became the youngest Regional Vice President for Shurgard, Inc. It was in this position that Michael recognized the value of entrepreneurship in business and learning.

Michael is a born entrepreneur with a knack for identifying issues that prevent organizations from growing. He builds solid teams by improving engagement, developing leadership skills and growing businesses to reach their potential — both within his clients’ organizations and his own.

Over the course of his career at Collaboration, Michael has guided more than 500 businesses to achieve growth, trained thousands of leaders and assisted nearly 300 businesses to get started. He asks his clients the tough questions to help them determine their roadblocks, then creates an action plan specifically tailored to their goals and challenges.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Loyola Marymount University, and a Master’s degree in Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. He also attended the Wharton School of Business, focused on a business strategy program. Michael’s philosophy with Collaboration Business Consulting is based on Michael E. Gerber’s book “The E Myth”. Under this philosophy, Michael and team encourages their clients to understand the process and design of business with the essential human element in order to move forward. Entrepreneurs must get out of the day-to-day to elevate themselves.

Growing up, Michael wanted to become a teacher; one day, he realized that he had become one. He doesn’t just educate is clients, he makes sure they can apply their knowledge to their business. This implementation piece is what sets Collaboration Business Consulting apart from the competition.

Michael understands the issues of business owners — because he is one. He is experienced in running companies.

Michael is certified in Everything DiSC® and Myers-Briggs, and he utilizes the programs to aid leaders in managing their teams toward a common goal of growth.

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Consultant Corner

Michael Gunther

Michael Gunther

Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

“We’re able to impact people’s lives, not only their businesses. They in turn impact other people’s lives too. We’d love to sit down and chat — in one year after working together, we will celebrate and watch the results of you and your business reach new levels that you never thought you could reach.”
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