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Steffanie Medina is a conflict resolution and team communication expert, passionate about developing community leaders and equipping communities to address conflict. She excels at working one-on-one and with groups to help teams overcome seemingly intractable differences. She has experience working with family-owned businesses, non-profit organizations, public institutions, and community groups to help them grow and become stronger and more energized for the future. She is an expert in mediation and unsticking issues to resolve conflicts — she is dedicated to having difficult conversations to improve accountability and improve team communication.

Steffanie is certified in Everything DiSC® and teaches workshops on communication, team dynamics, leadership and conflict resolution. She loves supporting seasoned and emerging leaders as they gain new skills to mentor and lead their teams.

With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in educational counseling from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Steffanie also owns her own company, Flow, LLC, an organization specializing in organizational conflict resolution and training services, and teaches graduate courses at Cal Poly and the San Luis Obispo College of Law.

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Steffanie Medina

Steffanie Medina


“I really love the moments where someone has the courage to self-reflect and realize they want to do things differently. I admire their courage to self-reflect and be open to change.”
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