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Content is Essential to Marketing

The framework for a solid and effective marketing plan starts with content that is spread throughout the marketing channels. Think of your marketing plan like a tree: the roots are the content and the various branches represent the channels to share that content with your target audience.

Now, while your core message points are the same, there are a number of ways to write content that will be received differently by your target audience. Check out the ways that content can be used in a marketing channel:

Articles: Written as a thought leader piece to share your message in a long-form style. Content Channel: Blog and Email

Blogs: Similar to articles, but with a more casual tone. Content Channel: Blog section on website and shared through social media and email campaigns.

Case Studies: Break down a specific problem you faced, or how you helped a customer/client achieve success with your products/services. Content Channel: Website, blog, social media, email campaigns.

White Papers: Thoroughly researched thought pieces that share highly specific answers to a question. Content Channel: Website, social media, email campaigns, takeaway at a speaking engagement.

Press Releases: Tout your news directly to the press; include quotes that they can use and an invitation for an interview. Content Channel: Website, social media, email campaigns.

Podcasts/Videos: Tell a story about your company’s products/services or even interview one of your customers or employees in a casual setting. Content Channel: website, email campaigns, social media.

Newsletters: Keep your customers informed about new products/services, sales or events, and share your white papers, case studies, and blogs with them. Content Channel: email campaign

Webinars: Record a webinar that follows the same format and tone as a workshop or speaking session. Content Channel: Website, blog, email campaign, advertising, social media.

Guides and Infographics: Share neatly packaged tidbits of information, research, and statistics about your products, services, and company. Content Channel: Social media, website, email campaign

Bottom Line

The more relevant content you put out, the more you will be seen as a thought leader in your industry and community. By regularly sharing your content, you will gain the attention of new customers and clients.


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