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The Strength of a Team

In any business, no matter how stable or successful, leadership transitions are inevitable and can present significant challenges. At JW Design, founder and President Jerry Williams has been a strong and influential leader, driving the company's success. Yet, as the time for transition approached, both Jerry and his successor, Derek, realized that due to how strongly Jerry has led the organization, transferring Jerry's role would be complex. Neither had prior experience with succession planning, and that is where they reached out to Collaboration for help.

A key challenge JW Design faced was the need for an expanded leadership team and a more collaborative approach to support Derek as the incoming President. To navigate that challenge our consultant team focused on creating and supporting the implementation of a succession plan while developing emerging leaders to take a larger leadership role alongside Derek. Through our work together, we developed a clear roadmap for Jerry’s succession and instilled the necessary executive and leadership skills in the team to support it. These changes set the company up to not only maintain their success throughout Jerry’s transition, but to also achieve even greater success beyond it.   


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