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We’re Living in a COVID World, and We’re Just Sick of It!

Before I launch into what we’re all thinking, I want to bring to the forefront that in no way are we making light of COVID-19. For those of you who have survived the disease, nursed your household through it, and/or lost a dear one to this pandemic, our hearts are always with you.

doing business during COVID

The deadly reality and fear of disease aside, let’s be honest — this year just fricking sucked. We pushed, we pulled, we pivoted, we demonstrated resilience, and adjusted to the new normal. (Side note, who else wants to scream when seeing those words?! I vow to never use them again.)

But — we’re all still here. Sure, our businesses look different than they did one year ago. We lost people, we lost business, maybe we even closed down and are devising ways to get back at it. However, our entrepreneurial spirit cannot be crushed. Pandemic be damned.

Through it all, we watched you move forward. We helped many of you figure out how to rotate (see, I promised I wouldn’t use the P-word again). You really inspired us to keep going and find our value and place in this fnew fnormal (I tried, but “fresh regular” sounded daft).

Always remember:

You are strong.

You can do hard things.

Your vibrant business is an integral part of our community.

We are grateful for your hard work and dedication.

We will continue to be a resource for you in any capacity that you need. In the meantime, please take advantage of our complimentary Resource Center, which houses years of whitepapers, webinars, and more to help you make plans and find new ways to grow.

We’ll always have your back.


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