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Overcome Growth Challenges by Building Intentional Infrastructure

Finding the proverbial ‘holy grail’ of building a sustainable and profitable company is the goal of every entrepreneur-turned-business leader. We’ve worked with thousands of companies to do just that.

Through our extensive experience in helping businesses achieve sustainable growth, we learned that one of the essential pillars is developing intentional infrastructure to support the company’s growth goals. What does this mean for your business? Basically, leaders must plan, create efficiencies, and become financially stable to withstand any outside pressure and continue along the growth trajectory. Remember: The systems and processes that got you where you are today must evolve to support the new operational dynamics of growth.

Intentional Infrastructure, as defined in our Scalable Growth Model™, is comprised of three key areas:

  • Financial Stability

  • Strategic Planning

  • Efficiencies

All three of these areas should be regularly assessed and evolve as necessary per KPI data.

Think about how you can manage through your financials — from budgets to cash reserves, to ratios and debts — to achieve financial stability. Prepare a strategic plan designed with a solid quarterly implementation plan with built-in contingencies for economic downturns. Utilize technology and continuous improvement methodologies to maximize efficiency in every process, communication structure, and meeting.

Flexibility is the key to successfully creating intentional infrastructure. Giving your business the strength to evolve will help it grow and succeed in the long term.


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