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Skill Development to Motivate and Engage

Employees are resigning at record rates; the main reason cited is company culture. Managers are essential to bringing a company’s culture to life; if their skills are underdeveloped or unevolved, then don’t expect employees to stick around.

Case in point: the Predictive Index “2021 People Management Report” found that nearly half of the 2,000 employees surveyed said they thought about changing careers, and 63% of those stated it was because of a bad manager. This idea is echoed in Gallup’s “State of the American Manger: Analytics and Advice for Leaders,” which found that half of the 7,272 respondents quit a job because of a bad manager.

In short, if you want to retain your employees, you and your management team must engage in skill development and repetition. The best companies invest in helping their managers learn these essential skills.

At Collaboration, we take a four-prong approach to helping managers succeed in becoming Collaborative Leaders®:

1. Understanding Self. Know your individual communication style, your strengths, and your blind spots.

2. Understanding Others. Get feedback from those around you using our Collaboration Leadership 360 Assessment and Everything Disc Tool to hear from direct reports, colleagues, and supervisors about key management and leadership skills.

3. Skill Development and Individualized Coaching. Assessment results are analyzed to determine the best way for managers to accelerate. Working one-on-one with a consultant or mentor allows leaders to develop an individualized growth plan and goals while also focusing on specific challenges and opportunities.

4. Implementation & Change. Success only comes when leaders use the new insights and competencies and successfully apply them in the workplace.

In today’s market, your best competitive advantage is your employees. Ensuring your managers have the skills to motivate, engage, and get the most out of your team will help you be successful.


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