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The 48-Hour Challenge

I’ll admit that the amount of information coming at me these days is overwhelming — from constant news alerts to webinars to guidelines from every organization I can think of. Then, trying to digest everything and not get too anxious about the future.

unplug from technology

I began to think about creating a 48-hour challenge – taking a break from all social media, news, email, and phones for 48 hours. I know it may seem impossible in this 24/7 world we live in, but our brains need it and our emotional and mental health need the break.

I think back to my sabbatical a few years ago when I was off the grid for 6+ weeks. My mind was so clear, I was creative, and I felt so free from the constant outside information. It was one of the times in my life where I felt the joy of less information.

During these crazy times we are living in, I think we need breaks from all the noise. Come on, 48 hours of no social media, news, information, news alerts — I know you can do it. I am also confident that this challenge will lower your anxiety and allow your creativity to bloom. Our minds need a break – our minds need time to re-calibrate – much like your body needs time to recover after an intense workout.

This week, pick your 48 hours – announce your challenge to others (you are more likely to keep the commitment if you do) and turn everything off. You may realize how addicted you are to the information flow, but you may also recognize a lightness and freedom to begin thinking creatively and calmly once again.


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