• Inspire

    For over 20 years we have been working with business owners. We endeavor to inspire our clients to reach new heights.
  • Educate

    We provide training programs to engage your team and give them the skills to be their best. Our outcome focused education programs get results.
  • Empower

    At Collaboration, it’s our goal to empower you and your team to with the skills, process and strategy needed to take your business to the next level.
  • Helping our Community Thrive

    We’ve helped start and grow hundreds of local businesses, and trained thousands of proactive business owners, managers and staff.
  • Make Success Happen

    Take the first step. Contact us to set up your free consultation.


The ideas are yours. The successes are yours. The challenges are yours.

People don’t come to Collaboration because they want us to pat them on the back. They come because they want us to help them move forward. They’re willing to work hard. They know they can do this, but they don’t always know how.

At Collaboration we call what we do “business consulting,” but our clients get more than advice. They get fresh perspective. They get the experience of proven business leaders. They get a crash course in subjects they haven’t yet mastered. They get new energy, ideas and enthusiasm. They get expertise and answers. They get laughter. They get compassion. They get results.

We work with small and medium sized organizations. Some are just starting out, while others are ready for new growth. Each business is carefully assessed. We look at management, sales, and processes. We examine obstacles and explore opportunities. We make sure goals are achievable and people are accountable. We help streamline operations. We help businesses make plans that make profits using strategies that make sense.

This is what we do. We’ve done it for hundreds of businesses since 1995. Throughout our web site we tell you more about how we do it. And we introduce you to some of the people we do it for.

Once you understand how Collaboration business consulting helps businesses (and business leaders) grow, you’ll probably wonder how we can help you. A good way to find out is by taking us up on our offer of a free 30-minute Small Business Score diagnostic. Or just give us a call at (805) 541-9040. Contact Us.


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