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Collaboration's stellar reputation reaches across the nation to help companies manage scalable and sustainable growth. 
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Scalable Growth Model™

What does it take to effectively address your company's challenges? Through decades of hands-on experience, combined with in-depth research and analysis, we’ve identified three core areas that are crucial for an organization to be sustainable, profitable and scalable. Our Scalable Growth Model™. identifies barriers to growth, assesses leadership gaps and introduces management infrastructure to ensure achievable success. 

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Collaborative Leadership

Intentional Infrastructure

Sustainable and scalable growth is achieved by nurturing a healthy infrastructure. We will work together to develop a long-term vision, identify KPIs, secure financial planning, establish management structures and more.

Methodical Growth

Growth is strengthened when the support pillars of sales, marketing and measurable outcomes are established. We align these pillars with infrastructure to ensure goals are met and adjusted based on quarterly milestones.
Strong leaders earn the trust of their teams and collaborate to create a culture of accomplishment. Our team helps yours build trust, strengthen management skills and increase communication to promote capable leadership and team confidence. 

Our Team

It's Here!

Many of you know that Michael Gunther had been working on a book for some time, a marshalling of the research, best practices and first-hand learnings he's experienced in his nearly 30 years of consulting with entrepreneurs and business leaders. The book, Me-to-We: The Shift Every Business Leader Must Make for Lasting Success, is now available. Since its launch in April 2022, it has already made Amazon's #1 Bestseller list!

Me-to-We: The Shift Every Business Leader Must Make for Lasting Success

Client Snapshot



I tried (developing a strategic plan) on my own the year before Collaboration, and it was just this enormous spreadsheet. Erin built a tool where everyone could understand their particular department. Suddenly, our managers are feeling empowered to really take ownership over their financial position in the business. It was really a game changer.
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June McGivor, President & CEO of Tolosa
“Ensuring that our management and executive teams were prepared for the next level of challenges was integral to our long-term strategy. Collaboration quickly assessed our needs and developed a three-year long series of engagements to establish sustainable scalability of our leadership and management teams.”
Rick Stollmeyer, Co-founder & Former CEO, MINDBODY
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If you're exploring strategies for improving the culture, profitability or overall performance of your business, chances are you know it's time for some expert guidance. Whatever challenges you’re facing, let our friendly, smart, experienced team give you the tools you need to elevate your business.
Give us a call, send an email, or meet us out for coffee or a cocktail, and let's collaborate!
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